Social business: at the heart of our community

We exist to bring about social regeneration. Our aim is to support as many marginalised young people into training and employment as possible. We believe that this is the most important regeneration challenge in Greater Manchester and Lancashire and the one that will have the most impact.

Our business is fronted mainly by commercial outlets. Glen Duckett, our founder and Director, wanted to prove that he could take a boarded up pub and run it as a successful social business. Since he opened the Eagle and Child, Ramsbottom in October 2011, we’ve supported over 100 young people into training and employment via the pub and our sister sites in Heaton Park, Manchester and Contour Homes, Didsbury.

We think that it is important to get young people into work and provide a continued package of training to help them reach their full potential. Not all people are academic and some people can’t work full time. For us, if we support a young person to become economically active at any level, then they have a positive role in the community. You can read our trainees stories further down the page.

Staff, trainees and ERASMUS students at Eagle and Child, Ramsbottom

We provide opportunities for the most vulnerable and marginalised young people, many of whom have never been given a chance by other employers, or have failed in their endeavours, due to complex issues such as offending, learning disability, substance misuse and mental health.

Glen and the team actively engage with other agencies supporting young people and regularly recruit in Wetherby youth prison for example.

Our programmes are successful as they offer real work experience and work related visits, as well as improving young people’s literacy and numeracy, ensuring they are ready to progress.

Trainees visiting our supplier R.Noone and Sons 

Our impact and our young people’s stories from Manchester and Lancashire

You can read our current impact report here

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Our current cumulative success is monitored by us and here is our acheivement over 5 years. We have used ‘output’ measurement to track our success with young people, looking specifically at training programme completion, achievement and progression as our main outputs. To date our success rates are:

– Completion: 84%

– Achievement: 70%

– Progression: 60%